DashProphet vs. Excel





Cost of Ownership

◦ One


◦ Three

◦ $500/mo.

◦ Account and Analyst Support

◦ Collaboration Tools

Data Connection/Storage

◦ mostly on-premise solution

◦ Embed APIs and controls

◦ May be slow with a large volume of data

◦ Data-lake Built In

◦ ODBC and Custom as Needed
◦ In-Memory Storage = FAST

Data Prep

◦ Basic Functions for Data Prep

◦ Easy deduplication and other data cleaning

◦ Data-lake Built In
◦ ETL or ELT Data Prep

Key Features

◦ Conditional Formatting

◦ PivotTables

◦ Basic visualization tools

◦ Online Collaboration Enabled

◦ Analysts built in
◦ Machine-Learning Capable
◦ Filter and Field Calculations

Bottom Line

◦ Provides Industry Standard for Spreadsheets; Has Functions to Answer Statistical Needs

◦ Support and Analysts Built In with Fastest Processing Speed  in Market