Our Story

Like so many great business stories this one starts with a frustration. Several years ago, co-founders Jesse and Peter were each separately struggling to turn their business-level data into the insights they wanted. Why was it so hard? Why did the leading solutions cost so much or take years to implement? Well we’re pretty sure you know where this is going. 

Working with Data



In his career Jesse had spearheaded launches of data services for the enterprise and cutting-edge real-time data and predictive analytics solutions. But in his last role as SVP Advertising Solutions for Nurse.com, Jesse realized that it was not easy for mid-sized organizations to find affordable, nimble solutions. So he founded Cruz Street, a company dedicated to accelerating the business world’s implementation of data science as a method to understand customers, solve problems, and drive growth. 



Cruz Street instantly found traction with clients that needed help with their data. The work ranged from data enrichment and dashboarding to datalake infrastructure with real-time ETL and analytic insight. To support clients the team became AWS certified and one of 10 official north-american launch partners for AWS QuickSight. In 2019 we built and launched a multitennant account administration portal and in 2020 built DashProphet  an easy-to-use augmented analytics platform for non-technical business professionals working at organizations big or small. 

Digital Transformation



The DashProphet beta is ready. Sign up today to see how easy SaaS analytics can be.

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